alex kent

Retouching and Colour

photographic post production workshops

The practice of manipulating of photographic imagery is almost as old as photography itself, the digital revolution has brought image manipulation into the mainstream as never before.

Whilst at UCA I developed a series of photographic digital post processing and retouching workshops to teach photographers over a range of skill levels. The focus of the workshops is an understanding of the fundamental building blocks of image manipulation; colour, separation and masking, surfaces, and compositing. Always with the aim of developing the narrative and emotional content of the image.

These workshops covered working from both digital and film originals. RAW file processing in Adobe Camera Raw, Hasselblad Phocus and Flexcolor. Film and print scanning with Imacon Flextight, Nikon and Canon scanners. Understanding colour models, colour correction and treatments in Photoshop. Masking, surface detail retouching brush tools and filters in Photoshop. Digital workflow and long term archiving of digital imagery.