alex kent

Big Bang by Ori Gerhst


The Big Bang film was shot on a Phantom v10 high speed camera. I processed and graded the footage, and working from Ori's guide cut made the final presentation edits.
I also worked with Ori to develop the presentation units for the film. These consisted of a 30" 2560px x 1600px (significantly higher than full-HD resolution) LCD computer displays and the necessary computing power to display the film mounted in a custom frame created by 2d3d.

Following the film I worked with the artist to produce photographic prints from still frames captured by the Phantom camera. This involved developing techniques to radically upscale the images whilst removing telltale digital camera artefacts.

The Big Bang film debuted in London December 2006 at the Victoria & Albert museum in the exhibition Twilight: Photography in the Magic Hour, it has since been played internationally and in Spring 2012 it was the first film in the Midnight Moment series of art screenings on the multi-display at Times Square.

Installation Big Bang Time Sq from Ori Gersht on Vimeo.